About Shawnika

Shawnika Sergeant is very passionate about the health and wellbeing of her patients, always working above and beyond to help those who are experiencing acute, sub acute and chronic injuries.

She is very sporty and recently has found a new love for running after experiencing a knee injury in 2014. Shawnika has recently battled with shin splints and entered her first race (Bristol 10k) May 2017 and finish in 01:04, she was very pleased with her time and has since gone on to register for the Cardiff Half Marathon in October 2017 and finished in 2:26:03. Shawnika is looking at completing the Bristol 10k again in 2018.

Shawnika is described as kind, funny, loving and enjoys fixing injuries. She defines injuries as a 1000 piece puzzle with a missing piece, and her aim is to find the missing piece, fix it and allow to you return to your daily activities / sports.